The ability to produce software implies a responsibility to change the world for the better.

Compelled from deep within to contribute, we are web & app developers devoted to creating more joy for more creatures more often.

Our skills and experience building software constitute an endowment.

At our core, we are a small team of seasoned developers, connected to a broader team assembled as needed for projects. We work in the following disciplines:

We seek connection with teams solving the world's most compelling problems

As natural optimizers and researchers with a social and environmental conscience, we are actively seeking projects and partners working in these domains.

Consider what we could build together

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Imagine Another!

Make a connection

Do you know a person or an organization working on something aligned with our purpose? Would you introduce us? Tell us a bit about the organization and project, and how to get in touch!

The Lore of The Maven

The Maven is a porcupine who owns a foundry. One day, the porcupine realizes the capabilities implicit in owning a successful foundry. This realization is followed immediately by a sense of responsibility. Thenceforth, the foundry no longer takes orders from customers. Instead, the maven's foundry is retooled to build what the world actually needs, and all reconnect with the youthful spirit of play.